Our Philosophy

Light. Form. Color. Motion. Theater of the Mind. Visual Outrage. Art.

Welcome to the world of MADMEAT Photography.

“I love art,” says Minnie Madden, co-founder of MADMEAT, Las Vegas’ newest and edgiest full service photographic company, “and I adore outrage. Art needs to inspire and ignite!” Chuck Rounds, also MADMEAT’s co-founder and partner in some of the most delicious visual crimes you’ll ever see, agrees.

Minnie and Chuck formed MADMEAT Photography as the most recent visual incarnation of two uniquely creative and artistic entertainment careers that were destined to unite. Minnie, a gifted dancer, choreographer, producer and director of major Vegas-style stage, ice and theme park spectaculars, is no stranger to the highly visual … or the outrageous. Chuck, a celebrated professional photographer, writer, producer and director of legitimate and regional theater throughout the U.S., brings to the mix a plethora of wide visual experiences from the commercial, entertainment, portrait and wedding disciplines. Together, they produce artistic dynamite.

At the core of their backgrounds is a heightened sense of unorthodox creativity and the theatrical, and an understanding that all art elicits – and provokes -- a reaction from the viewer. “MADMEAT Photography invokes very different responses from hilarity to repulsion,” says Minnie, “and we like that. It allows everyone to take part.”

With its lively embrace of the visual arts, MADMEAT Photography literally offers something for everyone, from the exotic and erotic to traditional family portraits, wedding photography and entertainment//modeling headshots and portfolio work. MADDMEAT also provides top-notch graphic design, writing, marketing and consulting services.

So step inside and explore our mad, mad, MADMEAT world. Explore art. Explore life!

By Bill Sewers

Copyright Bill Sewers for MADMEAT Photography 2010.